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    Do you get any error messages in the chat window?
    My Flight Path Follies guide

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    I also am having FPS issues with the guide for MoP stuff. I have also noticed that when you are using the guide and enter a dungeon withe guild GUI still running it kills the FPS. The only way to resolve this is to log out of WoW and back in again, I wish this could be fixed as it's starting to get annoying now.


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    If you're having travel-related FPS drops, we admit the problem has been pretty elusive so far, appearing all the time for some and not at all for most. It seems to be related either to calculating of long routes, or to the movement of the "ant trails" on the map.

    We need your help! Please check the following:

    01 - Is the problem appearing everywhere, or only in some specific origin/destination area?
    02 - Is the problem related to whether the world map is shown? Open and close it a few times to see if the FPS drop behaves accordingly.
    03 - Is the FPS drop consistent (your framerate is lowered all the time, seemingly regardless of the destination), or is it happening only each ~10 seconds?

    - Shift-click on your world map to set a manual waypoint, right next to you (making a very short travel route).
    04 - Did the calculation of this path cause a visible freeze, after which the FPS went back up?
    05 - After calculating, is the framerate drop still present when that short trip is active?

    If yes, note down where were the starting and ending points, and give us the generated bug report.

    - Shift-click VERY far, possibly on a different continent (make a very long, complicated route).
    06 - Did the long calculation take long/slow you down? (Perhaps resuming normal FPS afterwards)
    07 - After calculating, is the slowdown (while showing a lot of map ants) still visible?
    If yes, do as before: start, end, bug report.

    - Go into travel options and change the ants distance between very short (making lots of ants) and completely ants-off.
    08 - Did that make a difference, especially with a very long route displayed on the map?

    Please take a little time to help us pinpoint the problem. Thank you.
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