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    My honest testimonial

    Hey everyone as you can see from over on the side I've had these guides for almost 2 years come March. I thought I'd share a full testimonial of what I think both good and bad.

    When I got the guide questing wasn't what it is today and the guides really helped to make the leveling process easier. With the release of Cataclysm questing became more linear. I still enjoyed the use of my daily guides as it made the daily grinds a lot less painful.

    • Pretty much play the game on auto pilot not paying attention except to a pointer.
    • Talent Adviser so again you don't have to think
    • System is friendly with BoA items
    • Has you move zones when you've out leveled an area
    • Catches up if you do a dungeon while leveling

    • Not quick on updates
    • Not always the best paths
    • Not always the best support
    • Become to reliant on a guide to tell you how to play
    • You spend more time watching an arrow than you do enjoying the world you play in

    Whenever I've dealt with Zygor the experience was always enjoyable. The help I've received while on the forums was iffy depending on the day. I've received helpful quick responses and I've also gotten rude and ignorant responses (from moderators).

    The price is well worth the product (can only speak for what I own which is Leveling, Dailies - Both horde/alliance, and profession)

    In general as someone who has played the game for 6 years I think the quality in the guides declined. If you are a new person to the game or find yourself confused often then the guides perfect for you. I noticed later the daily guide started to have me take extra steps and so therefore stopped using it.

    I think that the time between updates and patches takes to long. It used to be a lot faster and I also wasn't aware of what I am about the PTR now and don't think the PTR is used as much as it could be for quicker releases of content for the guide.

    I think these guides are better suited for new players who may still be confused or lost in the game. You will find the guides quick and user friendly. Tenured players who can go on auto pilot using an waypoint addon then I think will find this a waste of money.

    Although I rarely use the guides anymore I still watch the website because I have a lot of hope in the future of Zygor Guides (which should say a lot). Anyway I hope this testimonial has helped anyone reading it.

    -Sobeit81 aka Jon

    P.S. Zygor if you read this feel free to email me I'll even give you my number if you want to have a serious discussion about the product

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