I have to upgrade?! What about Free Updates?!
A game like World of Warcraft is constantly changing. That is why Zygor Guides works round the clock to keep our products up to date with the latest game patch. Every Zygor Guides product comes with free updates for life which includes patch updates, zone revisions, and new features being added in all the time.

Best of all, when a new expansion comes around, you can easily upgrade your guide to the new content for a minimal fee.
- Taken from our "How Does This Work" page. Also see our homepage video.

I'm an Existing Customer. How do I get the Mists of Pandaria content added to my currently owned guides.
You can upgrade to the Mists of Pandaria content from within the Members Area under the Manage Guides section.

Iíve purchased a lot of guides in the past. It's going to cost me a lot to upgrade all my guides!! Will you offer a special discount?
Sorry, but we are unable to offer individualized upgrade deals at this time due to the limitations of our payment processor.

We understand that it can be expensive to upgrade so many of our products at once, which is why we decided to put up preorders 2 months in advance so customers would have plenty of time to gradually make their upgrade purchases instead of having to buy everything all at once.

Keep in mind that these upgrades are more like a future investment. You will be getting a ton of content over the next 2 years or so as Blizzard adds more and more content into the game throughout the Mists of Pandaria expansion cycle.

How do I install the Guides?
All installation instructions can be found on the Installation Instructions page, which is located here.

I can't log in to the Members Area.
Please use the Lost Password feature found at the bottom of this page to recover your Password. It is recommended that you change your password every 3 months for security purposes. If you have any problems with this please contact Zygor Support and explain your situation.

The guide does not show up for one of my characters.
Go to your character selection screen and click on the Addons button in the lower left corner. Now make sure that the check mark beside the Zygor Guides Viewer entry is yellow, not silver.

I purchased the guides but the Zygor Updater client still installs the Free Trial guides.
To get rid of the trial guides and install the guides you purchased do the following:

1. Run the Updater (click on Abort in the small window if needed to prevent the auto-launching of WoW)
2. Click Settings
3. Enter your Zygor website username and password into the proper boxes
4. Click OK
5. Click Update

Step x has an error.
Please post any suggestions, bugs, or errors you might find in our Technical Support section of the forums.

Do the guides violate the Blizzard Addon Policy?
All of our products comply 100% with Blizzard's Terms of Service. Zygor Guides is safe, secure, and will not get you banned.
-Taken from our Home page.