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    Good rotation addon or guide? (For us lazy folks)

    Hi guys!
    Ive be using Zygors for a while now and im stunned how amazing you make your guides.
    However if you get lazy like me, when youre about to lvl your 30th character from scratch and you don't have clue wich spells you are going to use in the right order to maximize dps and easy questing, what should I do then?
    Please post any suggestions of rotation guides, addons or whatever, who actually works in MoP, cause right now it seems like everything i tried is outdated or just bullsh*t!
    Ty guys and take care!

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    I'm in the same situation, playing all 11 classes but I don't want to read class guides for them all.
    So I use Spellflash and Bitten's modules. It's not perfect but a good solution for the lazy people on their way to level 90.
    But if you want to do dungeons or raids I recommend to at least look at everything in your spellbook. Because Spellflash sometimes suggests spells you normally use very seldom or better save the cooldown and sometimes does not suggest certain spells at all.

    Here's the link for the Spellflash addon:
    To finde the modules search for Bitten's Spellflash on Curse (you need the library and the modules for the classes you play).

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    I looked at it on the curse website and it looked good, BUT do you mean that you use that from the very beginning (from lvl 10)? Cause i'm not intrested in a addon that will help me when i'm 90 or almost 90
    Thanks for your answer!

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    Yeah those are good from any level.
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    The good thing about Spellflash is that it only highlights things you have in your action bars. No additional buttons that take up space on the screen.
    And because of this functionality it will work at any character level. You still need to take care of putting new abilities into your bars though.

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    I use the Ovale Spell Priority addon for my rotations. It works well with the Nerien's Ovale Scripts. It does start working for you at level 10 once you pick your talent spec, but keep in mind that all of the rotations are based on level 90 dungeon/raid rotations so you can sometimes find something that will work a bit better depending on what glyphs you have and spells that are available while leveling.

    The thing I like about the Ovale is it has it's own little window that you can put more toward the center of the screen where you're eyes are normally at during combat and it has separate buttons for the different cooldown spells vs. your main or AoE rotation spells (depending on how the script is setup).

    Ovale Spell Priority:

    Nerien's Ovale Scripts:
    My Flight Path Follies guide

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