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    Bug: Guide didn't update

    Alliance - Dailies and Title
    "Maintaining the Sunwell Portal" - Step 8

    Seems to be a bug here. The guide didn't indicate that I had the device. It wasted lots of time killing 200 enemies trying to collect it.

    Maintaining the Sunwell Portal-Step 8.jpg

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    I looked into the guide files and the collect lines for this item lack the ID.
    The use lines have the ID, that's why the icon gets shown there.
    This affects the following guide files: ZygorIncludesAlliance.lua, ZygorIncludesHorde.lua, ZygorDailiesAllianceCATA.lua.

    I also recommend to split this one step into three, one collect Bash'ir Phasing Device with |c switch, one use step and one collect Mana Cells step. The first two steps need to be linked to the quest then so they get skipped when you don't have the quest.

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    Put this on our list to get fixed.
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