We're only a few days away from the release of our 1-50 Leveling Guides for The Elder Scrolls Online but, before we get to that exciting event, we wanted to take a moment to address all of the customers who purchased our Diablo III Guide in the past. Unfortunately that product did not generate enough interest to continue supporting it long term and in the months following its release it was discontinued. This left many customers who purchased the guide disappointed when the guide became outdated. We were not happy about this ourselves and have been searching for a way to make things right. So here is what we plan to do:

On April 3rd, when our new Elder Scrolls Online guides go on sale, everyone who purchased our Diablo III guide will be able to choose any one of our products (including the new Elder Scrolls guides) worth up to $40.00 and have it applied to their account for free. This guide voucher will be available inside the Members Area sometime between now and April 3rd (in time for the ESO guides). We hope this helps to make up for some of the disappointment felt by some customers and to show our commitment to providing outstanding customer service. If you have any questions please contact us via the Support Page.

Take care.