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    Ghostlands step 1

    I was leveling a new Blood Elf today, and after completing the Eversong guide, I decided to do Ghostlands instead of Silverpine for a change. Step 1 of the Ghostlands guide is, I assume, to turn in Missing in the Ghostlands, which is picked up in the Eversong guide, but when I selected the Ghostlands guide, it skipped step 1 and went right to step 2, which can't be done until you do the skipped step 1. When I manually moved back to step 1, it just said "(step collapsed)".

    The npcs are right next to each other, so it was obvious what I had to do anyway... I just thought I'd bring it up.

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    Ahhh, I see what's wrong with that step. We have a flag on that step to only display it if you have the quest that's needed to be turned in, but there's a typo in that flag. The NPC ID # was accidentally put in the flag instead of the quest ID # so it was impossible for you to have that quest ID in your logs and as such the step was never displayed. However since they're linked like that we should have the other steps being hidden as well if you don't have those pre-quests being done. We'll get it fixed up.
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