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    Zygor's Warlords of Draenor Guides F.A.Q.

    Will the guides be updated for Warlords of Draenor?

    Yes. All 6 of our guide packages will be updated for the new expansion.

    When will the Warlords of Draenor guides go on sale?

    Our 1-100 WoD Leveling Guides are already available for pre-order. New customers get the WoD content with the purchase of any new Leveling Guide. Existing members can upgrade their current guides to the new expansion inside of the Members Area under Products.

    The upgrades for our 5 other guide packages will be going up on the site next week (November 10-12th).

    How much will it cost to upgrade my guides?
    We will be revealing full pricing details next week. We expect the upgrades to cost between $15-30 depending on the guide type and bundle.

    For people who own ALL the guides will there be an option to "upgrade all"?
    Yes. There will be 2 upgrade all options. 1. For people who own all guides up to Mop. 2. For people who own all guides up to MoP and the WoD Leveling Guide preorder.

    Why do I have to buy an upgrade, I thought we got "lifetime updates"?

    This gets asked every single expansion so we're including it here for anyone new. Guides come with free "lifetime updates" for whatever expansion and level range was most current when you bought them. The classic example of this was Cataclysm. Blizzard changed the old 1-60 zones but also added new 80-85 content. To get the 80-85 content you had to upgrade, but anyone who owned the old guides got a free update to the 1-60 with all the new changes.

    A better way to think of "upgrades" is the "season pass" model used in games these days. A game like WoW is always changing with new quests added, changes to the game mechanics, things getting moved around, and more. An upgrade is an up front fee to cover the cost of maintaining the guides throughout the expansion life cycle every time Blizzard makes changes and the guide gets out of sync.

    How do I get the new Garrison Guide bonus?
    The Garrison Guide is a special pre-order bonus guide only available if you purchase a Warlords of Draenor guide before November 13th. This includes Leveling guides new or as upgrades and will also include other guide types when they become available next week.

    After I buy the guides when will I be able to download and begin using them?
    There will be two major releases next week.

    - Zygor Guides 5.0, which is the latest version of our guide viewer addon packed with new features that will enhance your gameplay in WoD. This is a FREE update for all users.

    - The Warlords of Draenor guide content. This will be available for download BEFORE the game releases, however, please note that you will not be able to use this NEW content until the expansion goes live.
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