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    Bad Gear Suggestions

    With Patch 6.0.2 our Gear System isn't working as reliably as it used to so we're working to improve this feature. You can help us speed things up by reporting any bad gear suggestions you come across in this thread. It would be most appreciated so we can get this feature working properly for you guys again.

    If you see any bad suggestions please take the following steps to give us the most information possible.

    1. Click on the gear icon on the gear suggestion window.
    2. On the window that opens click the Addons tab at the top and then click the words Zygor Guides Viewer on the left.
    3. Click on the "Create a bug report" button.
    4. A new window opens up, ignore the areas to type in and click the View button in the bottom left.
    5. Now click somewhere inside the new window that opens to get the cursor in there and then press Ctrl + A to highlight all the text, then press Ctrl + C to copy all of the text to the clipboard. On a Mac this should be Command + X to select all and Command + C to copy it to the clipboard.

    Once you do that then please come here and create a reply to this thread, then press Ctrl + V to paste the clipboard into your post (for Mac this should be Command +V). If you get an error about the post being too large you can delete some of the text near the bottom that has a timestamp on it until you're able to post the message. An alternative would be to paste the bug report into a text file and then attach that text file to the post so you don't have to play games with the character limits.
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