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    Macros Proc Warrior Crashing my game

    I'm trying to get into Macros to make my fighting better. I'm a Proc Warrior Lvl 100 and have gear ave. 650. I have never really used Macros but since I own the guide I've tried your Pre-Made Macros. Every time I install any of them my game freezes and I have to Ctrl/Alt/Del to stop WOW from running and have to re-start it. This is very frustrating. I have never used the Rep Guide or Titles Guide (I have both the Titles and reputation I wanted by playing). I feel that the money I spent should at least give me a couple of Pre-Made Macros that don't crash my game.

    Can you help me with this. If for some reason you're not going to fix the Macros guide for a while, can you help me with a couple of good combat PVE and PVP rotation Macros for my Proc Warrior. rcg70 (Rick)

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    No one else has reported any macro crashing so this might be an addon conflict of some kind. If you disable all other addons so that only Zygor is enabled do you still get the freezing when you try to use one of the pre-made macros?
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