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    Exclamation Zangarmarsh glitch/bug ?

    I am at lvl 64 with my pally tank and I am having trouble with getting to the 9 bars that the guide suggests using the 62 - 64 (+9 bars) guide and the same problem is happening with loremaster for zangarmarsh.

    I am at about 4 bars into lvl 64 and even though I could probably jump to the next guide as I have full heirlooms I would like to try and pick up the Loremaster achievement for Outland.

    The guide seems to get stuck at step 79. and steps 70 and 78. cycling through killing starving bog lords for 6 tendrils and handing the quest in ( the quest is repeatable) but it's not the end of the guide as I am only about 75 steps through of the 120 or so that are required (according to Zygor)

    I have tried clicking the next arrow to skip the step but like I say it seems to cycle back and forwards step 70. 78 and 79. with none in-between. I have also tried a scan + repair of the Zygor client but still having the same issue.

    Please help.
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    That looping is to work up your Sporeggar rep so you can accept quests from that faction. I forget off the top of my head if it's trying to get you to neutral or friendly with them. If you think your rep is high enough for you to get the quests you can always hold the Ctrl + Alt keys while stepping forward to break out of the loop. If you're trying to get Loremaster and you find you can't get the quests from the Sporeggar then I'd suggest going back to the loop and follow it a few more times for turn ins to raise up the rep more as you might need those Sporeggar quests to hit the quest number for Loremaster.
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