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    Version 6.0.14577 - Talent Advisor not able to be enabled on any character

    Has Talent Advisor been disabled/removed from the addon?

    I have ensured that it is enabled. No talent suggestions.
    I have disabled/reenabled. No Talent suggestions.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled. No Talent suggestions.

    This is for all my characters, not just boosted, max level, low level, etc.

    What has happened?

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    It has not been removed. You should see Z icons on the suggested talents when you have your talent window open. We only removed the little side window. Now it shows you the suggestions automatically based on the current spec and on your spec choice tab we have a Z icon attached to the recommended leveling spec.

    If you do not see the Z icons try disabling all other addons to see if one of them is preventing the icons from being displayed.
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    Thank you! If I'd only opened my eyes I wouldn't have had to Google this.

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