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    Wrong guide loaded

    Looking at my achievements after hitting the Y key, I found Hatchling of the Talon. I know I have not done this, so I hit the Z button to load the guide.

    Instead, Zygor loaded Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Goblins. I have this achievement, so naturally Zygor congratulates me, along with advancing to the last step.

    There is a wrong ID somewhere. What I don't know is if this is only in the Beta guides, or in the production version of Zygor as well.

    Thought I'd let you know about the mismatch.
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    It looks like the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Goblins achievement guide has the wrong achievement ID associated with it. Hatchling of the Talon has the correct ID #10774 but Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Goblins also has ID #10774 in the beta guides instead of the proper ID #11232. We'll get that fixed.
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