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    Thumbs down Please !!!!!

    Please can you check through the coordinates for the crumbled chamberlain achievement. The first quest piece was off by about 50 yards. And the Torso was at none of the following co ordinates as in the guides.
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    The beta guide functionality has been rolled into the live guides almost two months ago. Disable the beta guides, re-enable the live guides. If your issue still persists, then report it again. To the correct forum thread, of course.
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    Disable the beta guides, re-enable the live guides.
    how does one do this? I don't see that option. Old thread i know..

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    Look in the addons listing at the character selection screen. If you have 2 Zygor addons listed (one marked as beta) disable that addon and only use the normal Zygor addon in the list.
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