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Thread: Zone Scaling

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    December 16th, 2010
    ok ty for the help i thouyght that was something that did something else when it already had my main game files listed in the fields you are supposed to fill in to create a new installation folder. maybe change that so it becomes more obvious?

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    Quote Originally Posted by car023 View Post
    Although you say that this will not affect anything. You quote all over your site that you help people achieve 110 in the fastest time possible. This route is likely to severely change based on certain zones now being available. Are you really not going to change or adapt anything to suit this? I'm asking out of curiosity.
    Also a reason for the guides not changing much is that it probably would be difficult to re-route almost all the zones as you have to take that into account which is the "fastest" way to level. some zones might have a lot of quests in quick succession so without having to re-do it all just taking out the suggested zone and completing each guide as you want is the best approach.

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