Hi All,

I want to start guild with the aim of being a close knit group of people with similar interests, who enjoy questing and doing 5-man's.
I understand that people have jobs/family's etc and that WoW ins't everyone's first priority, I myself have 3 kids and work full time.

It will be a laid back guild for people who just want to enjoy the game, however that being said its not going to have an "open-door" policy, There is no minimum level requirement, whether you're new to the game or re-rolling ready for patch 7.3.5 it's not a problem. I want the right people in the guild not the highest gear score. I use Zygor Elite, however that isn't a requirement either, I like it because i have limited play time I can just jump into the game and get straight into the game play without too much pre-planning.

It's just me at the moment but as it grows I will be needing officers and a 2nd in command, but as and when thats needed I will promote people who i think have earned the rank.
I have an idea of what to call the guild but i'm happy to discuss it with people who help me get the charter signed, I want this guild to feel like everyone has something to offer and that everyone has a voice, while officers and myself will have the final say in most matters, any major decision about the guild will be discussed with everyone and everyone will have the right to give their opinion.

If thats something that interests you let me know either here or message me in-game, if i'm not online feel free to drop me an in-game mail and we can get the guild up and running.

feel free to add me Janner#2399

Look forward to peoples response