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    Unhappy World Quest Dailies


    I'm not sure what you changed or why, but you never used to get an end of guide notification for World Quests. Ever since the update now we do and it's really annoying. A person can be doing several world quests in a row and it was not necessary for an end of guide for every one of them. It just flipped back to select the next one.

    I can see how it would be important to a longer guide like dungeons or raids but not for something so swift as a WQ. Especially if you're doing Warden ones which are one shot elites, there doesn't need for the guide to come up and say it's done. We would know that.

    Please change that back! Thanks.

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    This should be fixed with today's update.
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    I know this is an old thread, but for some reason i am no longer getting notification pop ups or world quest guides since yesterday. I have not done any WQ for over a week though so may have been longer.

    Edit: I fixed it with a scan / Repair.
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