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    BFA World Quest Arrow Guide

    Hello, I've noticed that the waypoint system has been completely horrible. From questing, and now during world quests. 99% of the time the guide tells me to use the flight whistle or Hearth even though I'm right beside a world quest. See below link.

    Are there any ways to fix this, or updates coming?

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    This could be a few things but it almost looks like it is trying to take you to the turn in there and not the WQ. Without being able see the step text and the arrow text I can only make guesses.
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    I would have to agree that some of the WQ's have absolutely horrible pathing ever since the last update. I am Alliance, and almost all of the WQ's on Zandalar will take you from one side of the map to the other instead of taking FP's which are much closer and faster. On Kul Tiras, I mostly see the issue in Drusvar. The other 2 zones seem to be ok.

    For instance, I was just in Tiragarde Sound (South-southwest area) and I had a WQ in Drustvar called "Any Witch Way but Dead" which is all the way in the Southwest of Drustvar. The ant-trail had me go over the bride into Drustvar and then travel all the way southwest using no FP's.

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