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    Angry Well played gold guide !

    Zygor HOW the fuck do you want me to sell 2 haf price?


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    Max price is based on the historical high. For that item it has a historical high of 30k and the guide is telling you to sell for 36k since that would be the lowest price. It doesn't care how high the other prices are because they are over-priced when compared to the historical high. This kind of thing happens all the time right after an expansion launches and the market is very volatile with prices all over the place. Give it a month or so for the prices to normalize and the historical averages to re-adjust to any new normal price ranges and it will look fine then.

    You can always change the price you are listing it for. Try clicking on that first item on the right side and it should adjust to undercut that price. If it doesn't you can always type in a new list price to post it at.
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