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    Akunda's Bite.....Holy cow.

    So...Wow. I decided to load up the Akunda's Bite guide since I didn't know much about Voldun. I made my way over there and started along the path only to realize something pretty important. This guide takes you on a loop through one of the most densely populated and aggressive areas of the entire zone. Perhaps even throughout most of the expansion entirely. Most of the times when I'd run across an herb I couldn't even farm it because I had SO much aggro from just trying to get through the ravine. Is there any plans to look at some of these guides again and maybe refine them so the path isn't so painful? I honestly didn't even see many herbs, nor did I see much in the way of herbalists along the path either.

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    Looking over these guides again for refining them probably won't happen until we've finished getting the missing BfA guides released.
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