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    WQ Planner

    Heya! I just wanted to say that first of all, I love the idea behind this. I am a little confused though, and am wondering if maybe I need to tweak a setting somewhere. Currently whenever I am doing WQs it will have me jump all over the place, back and forth from zone to zone. Today I noticed the biggest disparity yet, when a quest that I had checked was about a 15 second walk from where I was in Zul'dazar, yet it had me hearthing and going to Voldun for the next quest.

    Even now, just to my right is a Tortollan quest that I have checked off to do, and it's right there, but instead the planner wants me to go all the way to the south of the zone.

    If I am missing something it would be a huge help if someone could point it out. :P <3


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    This is something we'll have to check on. It should be trying to route you to the nearest WQ.
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