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    Quote Originally Posted by Smexhy View Post
    So I tried deleting cookies, and all history of browsing in mozilla firefox, but still it wont remember me after 1-2 hours. Needing of relog is annoying.
    Not had that issue and I use Firefox too. Is this the only site that you get that issue ? Just curious as I hate when I hit this kind of problem. Hopefully someone will have an idea.

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    Yeah, all the sites like reddit, facebook, twitter and other forum sites let me logged in. Idk what could be the issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinleezwins View Post
    Speaking of logging in, the "remember me" feature never worked for me. Every time I come back I have to log in again.
    Same here. Cookies enabled, no matter the browser, on my phone or PC... if I select the 'Remember me' box, it always forgets who I am, lol.

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