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    Angry Worthless Guides Doesn't Fix anything

    So here's the thing, WoTLK has been out for years.. EVERYONE has flying.. You keep sayign "We might go back and redo the guides for older content" But with Allied Races released more and more people are leveling alts or new mains etc. This stuff needs to be updated. There should be no more ground mount waypoints after lvl 60 when you get flying. Here is the stupid shit your waypoint is doing.. Telling me to go HALF way across the zone to backtrack back to the other side of the zone???? FIX YOUR F**KING GUIDES.

    This is why I have canceled my subscription. Your not even "Current" on new releases of the games sometimes for weeks. You are on PTR you know upcoming changes, you fail to fix old errors/waypoint pathing/guides/NPC Locations for months and sometimes even YEARS after your customers kindly inform you of those mistakes. I know for a fact I've pointed out several problems and they have never been fixed or addressed. I started using Zygor in 2008 thats 11 years!! You haven't fixed all I've pointed out. You have excuses while still charging a monthly sub. You say you have leveling/loremaster guides but they are the same product. They are FULL of mistakes, wrong waypoints, misinformation. You say Press "I" and que for OLDER content you can't.. Because you never went back and fixed it because its not the newest content you can't QUE for those instances. Sure I'm being a douche, but after years of complaining and you doing nothing I've invested a lot of money buyign individual guides before this monthly system and those guides are more trouble than they are worth almost to try and level a toon. Yes I level TONS of toons for various reason and seeing the same issue's for YEARS after paying for a service and continuing to pay for a service PISSES a person off to no extent.
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