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    Fresh NE, Zenn Foulhoof Not availalbe

    Fresh account, starting in NE area.
    Step 22
    Make sure player is level 5 before getting this quest. I was level 4 95% and could not acept it.
    I went here
    and found out that I needed to be level 5, nothing 2 spider kills could solve :-)

    Its been many many years since I played from scratch, so the only way I could really do it, is with making a new account LOL and everything fresh (including blizz stuff)
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    Hmm, I thought that the starting quests got you to 5 before getting to that step to talk to the satyr.
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    Not sure, however, I posted that (small issue of course) because I thought that the guide used to say something to the effect "if you are not level x kill a few mobs" or "make sure you are level x before moving on". But that was not the case, so blindly went straight to the satyr which resulted in a white "!" instead of the expected yellow "!"

    Also, surprisingly there were TONS of new NE playing, so the aggro was much lower than normal, which contributed to the problem. I was thinking as new player, would they have realized that the fact they could not accept the quest was because of a level issue?

    all good.
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    Okay, I will make a note for the team to look into adding a note for this step. Thank you for your support.

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