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    Setup and instalation failure

    First of all i am sorry I posted here because I couldn't anywhere else.

    The following happend to me

    After clicking on the old app to update my guide's I got a message that my app was old and should update etc..

    The app then said it seemed that my install location was c:[insert backslah here because you havent fixed your keyboard settings in bbcode]

    Actually the install location at the time of install was default so assumed this was correct.

    It then asked if I wanted to delete the old install and on this i said yes.

    Then all hell broke loose and your app started deleting everything on drive C

    Never do a delete *.* in your code or at least say you are going to delete everything in for mentioned location.

    I am now 40 minutes in in the recovery operation and it will take a lot longer to get everything fixed, not the way I wanted to spend my free sunday

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    I will definitely bring this to the team's attention. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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