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    You need to put a disclaimer on the software. It's USELESS.

    I tried to use this with my already level 32 character. As you can expect, it was a total mess. It just wanted me to fly around the world over and over.
    The ADMIN's say, "oh yeah, that's because you already did some of the quests, JUST FOLLOW THE GUIDE. SO I created a Undead Mage. Before I left the Undead Starter town, it's asking me to get a quest that's not there. Leave a quest behind that took 5 seconds to complete, and run around wasteing my time.

    The Admins cannot just claim "Just follow the guide". The guide is not good. If you're even remotely not retarded you can do FAR FAR better then the guide.
    I can't imagine a situation where this would be worth using.

    I've used money to light a cigar, and to wipe my butt in the woods but this was by far the worse waste of money I've ever spent.

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    We've now announced that we're revising the Classic guides back to our original Vanilla guides and that the reason the guides are the way they currently are is because we tried to make them more friendly to casual players who make up more of the Retail games guide audience. That said, there's no way to get around the fact that quests are more deeply chained in WoW Classic, so yes, there will be times where if you didn't do earlier pre-requisites you will need to go back to do them to unlock future quests.
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