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    The Cliffspring River quest guidance

    Am a level 15 human warrior, picked up the addon at this level when I was in Westfall.
    It directed me up to Darkshore to gather quests there based on its auto-detection of Leveling 13-20 guide.

    At step 52 it tells me to accept How Big a Threat? from Terenthis which it doesn't detect my accepting of it and I have to click "Mark as complete" on the task.

    At step 54 it tells me to go to Thundris Windweaver and accept The Cliffspring River.
    However it's not available. I believe this is a part 2 quest of one I haven't done yet.



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    Load the Night Elf 1-13 guide at step 144 and follow from there. That will get you all the prerequisite stuff done. This should be rectified with the guide overhaul coming next week.
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    Roger that. thanks

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