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    I have noticed on the last 2 segments Searing Gorge(47-48) and Feralas(48-49) very early in the guide it instructs you to get to level 49 then the guide continues. In the Feralas one on on Step 9 it tells you to grind to 49 and there are still 20 some steps and quests to complete. Is this a mistake?

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    You should naturally be close to reach Level 49, if you've been killing things as you walk. There are a lot of steps you complete as level 48 in Searing Gorge, with the first 20-25% of the level completed almost immediately after turning in the bunch of quests you have available to turn in after grinding to level 48 on the Incendosaurs in the cave.

    As for level 48, we assume you will be able to complete the Green Hills of Stranglethorn quest, since the pages are easily gotten from the AH, and very cheap. If you skip that quest, though, it will mean a decent amount more that you need to grind to hit level 48. In our internal testing, we only had to grind 3 bars to hit level 48.
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