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    Searing Gorge Key and Ironforge

    Searing Gorge 47-48. In step 63 one has to go to Loch Modan to deliver a quest. Step 64 goes to IF to turn in that quest. Step 65 goes back to Loch Modan to deliver that quest, and get the key to Searing Gorge. This is where the "error" appears.

    Step 66 now asks you to go back to IF, to set your Hearthstone there, and accept a quest. Why not do this before you go to Loch Modan? Instead of all the back and forth?

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    It waits and takes you back to IF for that because the following steps are in Swam of Sorrows and it will be easier to get there with either a flight or using the Deeprun Tram.
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