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Thread: Obsolete Quest

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    Obsolete Quest


    Just a heads up. There is an obsolete quest in the level 110 'Intro & Quest Zone Choice' guide that should probably be removed. It's called 'To Matters at Hand'. Please see this link... Chronicler To'kini in Dazar'alor no longer offers the quest.

    As usual, thanks for the great guides.

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    That quest is actually still in the game but under a different quest ID number. Not sure why you were not able to accept it.
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    Interesting. Sorry, I don't have any more info to provide you. Chronicler To'kini didn't have a quest to offer, so after I looked it up on Wowhead and saw that they're showing it as obsolete, I just skipped this step and moved on. I've had the same issue occur on at least a couple of other toons while leveling. Thanks for the feedback.

    Well wishes...

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