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    Kul Tiran Inscription 150/175 Step 25

    I have rank three in the Darkmoon Card of War and it is grey. If I was to try and learn by using that it wouldn't happen. Everything is greyed out in my Kul Tiran Inscription on my Inscription window. The only thing that is orange or yellow is when I scroll down to Legion Inscription. I don't want to waste my Expulsom's on trying things that are not going to teach me. Is there an upgrade for this part?

    I have 150 in Kul Tiran Inscription at the moment.

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    The Inscription guide has you use Darkmoon Card of War Rank 2 to reach skill 150 on step 29. Step 30 then says to reach 120 if you are not at max level, then step 31 tells you to complete the quest A Way Home using the Nazjatar guide. Then after a few more steps it has you use Contract: Ankoan to go from 150 to 175. Step 25 that you reference in the thread title is to train rank 2 of the Darkmoon Card of War so if your step 25 is different then you need to update your guides.
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