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    November 6th, 2010

    Viewer crashes wow buy only on one toon.

    First thing I did before anything was update Zygor before I even launched wow, so not sure if this has something to do with it.
    Disabled all addons on all toons aside from Zygor Viewer.
    Wow will load, but stutters, finally fully loads and as soon as i click viewer, it crashes.
    Completely uninstalled and reinstalled desktop launcher.
    Guide has no problem loading and running normally on any other toon.

    If it matters the only toon it crashes on is a 120 Warrior on US Blackrock with what previously has a legion leveling guide of Suramar on.

    All other toons are also on US Blackrock

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    That sounds like a corrupted file somewhere for that toon. Try this for a test.

    1. Exit the game
    2. Go to your WoW/_retail_/Cache folder and delete everything in there
    3. Go to your WoW/_retail_ folder and rename the Interface and WTF folders to Interface.Old and WTF.Old
    4. Run the Zygor desktop client, click check for updates at the top, and then click on the Install button
    5. Go in game to test

    This will make the game act like a fresh install and the only addon installed will be Zygor. See if everything works correctly like this. If it does then exit the game and rename the Interface folder back to original. This will put back all of your addons but they will all be at default settings as if you just installed them for the first time. See if everything works like that. If it does that means there was a corrupted file in the WTF folder so at this point just re-do the settings for your addons and you should be good to go.
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    November 6th, 2010
    Sweet! Worked great! thank you <3

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