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    November 24th, 2019

    Have Gold Runs gone?

    So I have just got into flipping and gold making (odd after 15 years but hey!)

    I was using TSM(sorry bad word but had to say it ) and its probably a lot more advanced than I need at the moment.
    I started checking the Zygor guides and behold there's something called the Gold Runs, which on my game/client etc....doesn't appear to be there...I get Farming, Gathering, Crafting and Auctions, but Gold Runs does not appear.
    its on the help videos, its on the help file in game but not on my game addon in gold guides
    I have tracked back through the forums until 2018, but I am not sure if this has recently been dropped or I am missing something?

    I an elite member paid up until November so I am not sure if its missed on something.
    Any help gratefully accepted.

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    It was dropped a while ago but the help files never got updated to reflect that.
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    November 24th, 2019
    Ok Many thanks for resolving the query

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