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    Unhappy Leveling Guide

    Cannot continue with Champion of the Legion after receiving the Gift of the Six. No NPC giving out next quest in Deliverance Point. There are several quests available and the correct NPC is there, but not the quest. The guide was perfect up to this point.

    Went to Intro & Quest Zone guide and step 22 is stalled. Cannot accept A Dying World in Orgrimmar. And, yes I did look above the Gates of Orgrimmar. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Do you mean Champions of Legionfall quest, Champions of Legionfall achievement, or Champion of the 7th Legion achievement? I'm going to assume you were running the 7.2 Order Hall guide for your class. Did you complete the first Order Hall guide for your class?

    As for the Intro & Quest zone guide, did you complete the Battle for Lordaeron scenario?
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