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Leveling guide
World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade Classic
Leveling Guides
Platform: PC/Mac
Leveling guide

Our Burning Crusade Classic guides feature new 1-20 Starter Guides for the Blood Elf and Draenei races, a revised 1-60 Azeroth questing path, all new 60-70 guides for the 7 huge zones in Outland, plus Dungeons, Professions, and more.

Return to the Outland with Zygor at your side!

After the huge success of World of Warcraft: Classic Blizzard has followed things up with The Burning Crusade Classic. Once again you can journey beyond the Dark Portal to Outland and experience the very first WoW expansion as it was back in 2007 when it was first released.

As part of our Zygor Elite service we have all new guides to cover this new content, which includes updates to Leveling, Dungeons, Professions, Gold and more.

Keep on reading below for a more detailed explanation of what content we have for TBC Classic.

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In-Game Guide

New Starter Guides.

In addition to starter guides for the original 8 Classic races, our Burning Crusade guides feature 2 new sets of starter guides for the Draenei and the Blood Elf races.

As a Draenei, you will be guided through the Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles zones, while Blood Elf guides players will be led through Eversong Woods and Ghostlands.

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Revised 12-60 Experience.

Although much of the 12-60 leveling experience is the same in Burning Crusade, there are still tweaks that have been made to the quests and experience levels.

For this reason we’ve reworked our 1-60 guides to address all the changes made in Burning Crusade for a more refined playthrough.


60-70 Outland Guides

Once you journey through the Dark Portal you will be able to continue leveling in Outland.

We have guides for all 7 of the huge new zones including Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, Terrokar Forest, Nagrand, Blades Edge Mountains, Netherstorm, and Shadowmoon Valley.

Our guides will take you on an optimized path for reaching the new max level of 70 fast and efficiently.

Zygor Guide Viewer

Zygor Guide Viewer 8

Zygor Guide Viewer

Like our other guides, the Burning Crusade guides are fully in-game and displayed right on your screen with our free Zygor Guide Viewer AddOn. This enhances your leveling experience with amazing time saving and quality of life options like auto-accepting quests, world map fog of war removal, auto selling gray items, gear recommendations, and more.

For Burning Crusade, we’ve updated the viewer to Version 8.0, which adds in all the latest features from retail including the improved Stealth UI and the Featured section, which provides a detailed explanation on all our guides and how best to use them for your character.

Class Training Reminder

Making sure you stay on top of your spell training is vital to effective leveling in the classic versions of the game.

Since it can be easy to forget this we have an optional Class Training Reminder feature that can pop up and alert you whenever you have new spells available, and sort them by Critical, Optional, and Upcoming.

Smart Injection System

In the classic versions of the game it can be harder to just jump in if you haven't done the necessary pre-quests because quest chains are rigidly tied together.

Our Smart Injection System's Quest Catchup feature finds the best place for your character to start in the guide and then checks if you’ve done the necessary pre-quests. If you’re missing anything, it will dynamically backtrack you through any pre-quests first so that you can get in perfect sync with the recommended starting point.

Additional Featured Content:

Choose Your Faction

When you get to the main Outland capital of Shattrath City you'll be able to align yourself with one of two factions which will alter your questing experience. Whether you choose the Aldor or Scryers our guides will dynamically adapt to walk you through their unique questline.


Profession guides have been updated to train you to the new Master skill level of 375. The Burning Crusade also introduces a new Jewelcrafting Profession and we have a full 1-375 guide for it.

Everything You Need To Unlock Flying (Coming Soon)

The Burning Crusade was the first expansion ever to allow flying and it's sure to be a major focus of interest with the Classic version as well. You can expect a complete walkthrough on how to unlock Flying very soon.