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Ad Campaign and Affiliate Manager

Zygor Guides is looking for an ad campaign and affiliate manager.

The Ad Campaign manager duties will include:

Conducting research on how to most effectively target potential customers.

Working with our graphics team to create and tweak promo images.

Managing ad campaigns across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The Affiliate Manager duties will include:

Browsing the web for WoW related websites and contacting their owners to try them to sign up as affiliates.

Reaching out to content creators on YouTube and Twitch to try and recruit them to our affiliate program or to sponsor their channels.

Approving Share A Sale affiliates.

Using Discord to stay in touch with affiliates or sponsors and making sure they have all the resources they need.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have a background and experience in marketing, especially running ads on social media platforms.
  • Have some idea on how ads can be improved for increased effectiveness, even if they aren’t able to create the images themselves.
  • Know how to do keyword research and other pre-marketing analysis to target customers better.
  • Know how to get the attention of YouTube or Twitch content creators in order to recruit affiliates and form partnerships.

Position is open to anyone nationwide. Salary is negotiable. Position starts out part time will potential to expand to full time.

Guide Writer

Zygor Guides is looking for new guide writers. The ideal candidate is someone who has extensive experience playing World of Warcraft, is able to comprehend the games mechanics well, and can recognize efficient routes and strategies for completing the various aspects of the game. Additionally, moderate skill in computers is necessary in order to work with the necessary software required for guide management.

This position is now also open to remote applicants which means you do not need to be located near our company offices to apply. As a result of this however you will need to meet the follow criteria:

  • You must supply your own computer capable of running World of Warcraft and all necessary software tools that we use. You will also need a minimum of 2 monitors and will be responsible for maintaining your own hardware and any necessary costs to maintain it.
  • All hires must be willing to use an online payroll processor (like Upwork).

This position starts at minimum wage with the opportunity for quick advancement if proven a good fit for our team. To determine this, we have a 2 week onboarding period to determine general ability. While you will be fully compensated for this entire process hires aren’t considered official members of the team until writing competency has been confirmed.

Job Details:

  • Any candidate MUST be very familiar with the World of Warcraft game, specifically having played the game themselves. If you are not very familiar with World of Warcraft, do not apply, as your application will not be considered. Game experience is vital to the work you will be performing.
  • Experience with our addon/guides is a plus but not required.
  • Experience with coding is a plus but not required. Good writing skills (spelling, grammar, ability to communicate clearly) are required.
  • The ability to follow specific directions is important.