Syncing Gold Guide Trend Data With Beta Guides

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With the release of the Beta Guides to Elite Members the Gold portion of the guides weren’t working because there was no way to sync the necessary Trend Data. We’ve since updated the client to allow you to copy over your existing Trend Data from the standard guides to the beta. To do this, access the client options by clicking the gear icon:


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Select the “WoW Gold Guide” section and make sure all of your realms are fully synced by clicking the “Sync All” button. Once this is done, simply click the “Copy to Beta” button to copy the Trend Data over to the beta guides.


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This is a temporary solution while we work on a client update that will make this process work like it does on the regular guides.

Guide Update: Insurrection Questline Week 6

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A new release (Version 6.0.15045) is now available that extends the Suramar Insurrection guide for Week 6 of the quest series. More quests for the Suramar campaign will be released by Blizzard over the next five weeks, and we will be sending out new updates over this time to extend our guides even further.

This update has been pushed to both the stable and beta version of the guides and is available to all Zygor Elite members or customers who purchased the standalone Legion upgrades.

How To Update Your Guides:
Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides:

New Zygor Elite Perk: Beta Guide Access!

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Today, we’re introducing a new exclusive feature to our Zygor Elite service: an early access program where you can try out guides and features still in development (beta). We’re rolling out a new update to the client that will add a new entry under the Guides section of the Zygor Client* for “World of Warcraft (Beta Guides)”. This will allow you to download a separate instance of the Zygor Guides Viewer that includes unpolished versions of guides still in development. This will also allow you to switch between the two versions of the addon in game.

NOTE: This is completely optional and if you’d prefer only to use our stable releases this same content will be added to the non-beta guides once they have been polished and fully tested. Also, while you can have both versions INSTALLED you can’t have both versions ENABLED in-game at the same time. You need to only use one version of the addon at a time to avoid errors.

For this first release we’ve added the majority of Legion content that is currently missing, including Legion POI’s, Pets and Mounts, and Titles and Achievements.

You must have a Zygor Elite subscription in order to access the beta guides. If you don’t have one yet you can signup here.

* We expect the client to be fully rolled out over the next 3 hours. If you don’t see the Beta section yet just check again later.

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