Ready for Hardcore Self-Found Mode? Here’s what Zygor Has Planned

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WoW Classic’s Hardcore Self-Found Mode is going live today, and we at Zygor are currently working on an update to our Hardcore Classic guides to cater to this new mode. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Hardcore Self-Found Mode: A test of solo skill with no trading, mailing, or Auction House.
  • Permanent Choice: Disabling the mode is irreversible—choose wisely at Apprentice Watchers.
  • Zygor’s Planned Updates: Our team is working on an update that will automatically detect when you have Self-Found Mode activated and adapt the guides accordingly, ensuring you have the best solo experience, allowing you to confidently navigate gathering, crafting, and leveling without any assistance.

We expect to make the automatic detection update available in the coming days. As always, these updates will be seamlessly available through the Zygor Client.

Trust Zygor to be your guide to forge your path and survive Azeroth alone!

Stay tuned for more news!

This Week’s Zygor Guides Update Roundup!

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We’ve been hard at work this week at Zygor, rolling out new updates and enhancements across our Retail and Classic guides. Here’s a brief overview of what’s new for each:

Retail Updates:

February 21st, 2024 – Travel System Enhancements

  • Adjusted the Scenic Getaway Portals to be suggested exclusively during the Love is in the Air event for a more festive travel experience.

February 15th, 2024 – Profession Knowledge Guides

  • Expanded our guides for Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring Knowledge Treasures with new profession masters.
  • Introduced guides for Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning Profession Masters.

Classic Updates:

February 22nd, 2024 – Leveling and Dungeons

  • Corrected a mailbox location for the Horde and added beta guides for the Gnomeregan Raid and its associated quests.
  • Professions guides received a significant overhaul with updated trainer locations, improved map transitions, and newly added Season of Discovery guides for professions up to level 225.

February 19th & 17th, 2024 – Talent Advisor and Leveling Fixes

  • Implemented minor improvements to SoD phase 2 rune guides and fixed various talent display issues.
  • Adjusted specific quest IDs and tracking, such as Kill Command in Stonetalon Mountains.

February 15th, 2024 – Talent Advisor Update

  • Released updated talents for SoD phase 2.

Remember, all these updates are available automatically through the Zygor Guides client.

Happy adventuring, and here’s to mastering the many facets of Azeroth with Zygor!

Zygor Guides Update: Enhanced Talent Suggestions for Classic SoD Phase 2

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Hello, Zygor Community!

We are happy to share that our talent guides for WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery Phase 2 have just been enhanced with our most recent client update 1.1.30343.

What’s New?

  • Talent Builds with Rune Suggestions: Alongside our talent guides, we’ve added a handy side panel that suggests the optimal runes to complement your chosen talents.

Classic SoD Phase 2 Talents Ready to Roll!

  • All Classes and Specs Covered: We’ve rolled out Phase 2 talent updates for every class and spec. 
  • New Side Panel Feature: Easily discover which runes to pair with your talents.

Preparing for Launch

  • Already Available: The updated talent suggestions have been made available in today’s update.
  • Continuous Improvements: As with all our guides, we’re committed to perfection. While there might be the occasional hiccup, we’re prepared to address any issues as they arise promptly.

How to Access the Update

  • Simple and Seamless: This update will be automatically available through the Zygor Client. Just make sure your client is up to date, and you’ll see the new talent and rune suggestions next time you log in.

Your Feedback Matters

  • Join the Improvement Process: Encounter something unexpected? Let us know! Your feedback is invaluable in helping us fine-tune our guides to perfection.

As always, Zygor is here to ensure you’re equipped for success and enjoyment.

[UPDATED] Zygor’s Update for Phase 2 of Season of Discovery

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Zygor’s Update for Phase 2 of Season of Discovery

Phase 2 of the WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery has begun, and Zygor’s coverage of this new chapter is now available and ready for download through the Zygor Client. Here’s what you can anticipate from the most recent update and how Zygor intends to improve your gameplay experience.

What’s New in Phase 2?

SoD Phase 2 introduces a plethora of content to explore and conquer such as the level cap Increased to 40, new Runes, the Gnomeregan raid, new talent specs, quality of life skillbooks, and more.

Zygor’s Current Coverage for Phase 2

  • Leveling Guides for 25-40 are live and ready.
  • Dungeon Guides have been re-added up through the Scarlet Monastery dungeons.
  • We are also aiming for the talent update to be ready by next Tuesday.

A Note on Upcoming Content

While Phase 2 has also introduced new runes, the Gnomeragan raid, new reputation quests, and more, we want to clarify that guides for these specific updates are currently in development and not yet included in our latest release. We’re working diligently to bring any missing and future content guides to you.

Stay Updated with Zygor

As the Season of Discovery unfolds, trust Zygor to be your constant companion. Our guides are regularly updated, so be sure to always keep the Zygor Guides addon updated using the Zygor Client.

[Update] Zygor’s Guide Update for SoD Phase 2 Runes Available!

We’re excited to announce to the community a significant update to our Season of Discovery coverage. Guides for the Phase 2 Runes are now live and ready!

Simply ensure your Zygor Guides client is up to date, and you’ll find the new rune guides available within the Season 2 content.

Zygor’s Updates to Love is in the Air & More

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The season of love is upon us in Azeroth, and Zygor is thrilled to announce our updated guide for the Love is in the Air event and more.

What’s New in the Update?

Key Highlights:

  • Talent Advisor: We’ve squashed some bugs, including a fix for the Mistweaver Monk, ensuring your gameplay is smoother than ever.
  • Love is in the Air Event – Horde: Updated the main questline, including fixes for “An Unwelcome Gift” and updated locations for “Formula: Intoxicating Toxic Perfume.”

Other Updates:

  • Across both factions, we’ve refreshed quests like “Be Mine!”, “Dangerous Love”, and many more for 2024, ensuring you have the latest information at your fingertips.
  • We’ve also streamlined the event by removing obsolete achievements to focus on what matters most this year.
  • The Travel System has been enhanced with the addition of the Scenic Getaway Portal network, making your event navigation a breeze.
  • For the artisans among you, don’t miss our new guide “Support Your Local Artisans,” part of our Love is in the Air coverage.

Continuous Updates for Your Adventures

Zygor is dedicated to keeping you ahead of the game, not just for seasonal events but all year round. With updates for the Lunar Festival and enhancements to our travel system, we ensure your World of Warcraft experience is seamless.

Ready to embark on your Love is in the Air journey? Update your Zygor Guides now and let love lead the way in 2024!