Zygor’s Shadowlands Pre-Patch Update Now Available

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Despite Shadowlands getting delayed until later this year, its pre-expansion patch will go live later today. We have just pushed out a new update for the Zygor Guide Viewer that adds compatibility for the pre-patch, as well as guide changes to address the level squish, and updates for the new content added. Below you’ll find a summary of the major new things and how they affect the guides:

General Game Changes

New abilities and talents have been added for your character. Some class defining abilities, like Shaman’s Healing Stream Totem, and all of Rogue’s poisons, are now available regardless of spec, but you can make certain abilities that are closely associated with your spec more powerful as you level up.

All characters have undergone a “level squish” that changes the former leveling range of 1-120 down to 1-60. The max level will be 50 in the pre-patch, with 50-60 being achievable in the Shadowlands content releasing later this year.

Numerous new cosmetic options are now available for every race, like tattoos for Dwarves, and being able to control the level of decay on Undead characters.

Exiles Reach Starter Guide

The Shadowlands pre-patch has introduced the first of new changes to the leveling system. For all new players starting their journey in Azeroth for the first time you will now begin in a new starter zone shared by all races called Exiles Reach. You can use our Exiles Reach guide to complete this. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have the option in the future to choose either Exiles Reach or your races traditional starter zone.

Leveling Changes

With this pre-patch all characters have undergone the first-ever “level squish”, which has converted the 1-120 level range down to 1-50. The default leveling progression beyond level 10 will now have you pick a single expansion and it will scale to level you all the way from 10-50. You can also choose to level through all the expansions like before. As a result, guide names and step conditions have been updated to reflect the new level ranges.

However, as this change is extensive and it’s not entirely clear how all former requirements have been converted, you may encounter some issues. Please report any problems over on our official forums.

Shadowlands Launch

The official release date of Shadowlands is unknown but is said to be later this year.

We will be releasing Zygor’s Shadowlands Guides shortly before the release of the new expansion, but well in advance to make sure everyone has plenty of time to sign up for Zygor Elite and download the new guides.

In the lead up to our release we will have more announcements to make regarding what content you can expect on day one of the release as well as what new features and improvements will be coming in Zygor Guide Viewer 8.

Zygor’s Shadowlands Pre-Patch Update Coming October 13th

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Blizzard Entertainment announced earlier today that the Shadowlands expansion will be getting a delay until later this year. We’re quite pleased to hear this because, while we do have our guides updated from the beta, it was obvious the expansion itself needed more time for polish.

While this may be disappointing news, the good news is that the Shadowlands pre-patch, which will add in new player customization options, the level squish, and a new pre-patch event, is scheduled to go live on October 13th. Likewise, we will be releasing an update to our addon to make it work with the patch and new guides to cover the event.

The expansion delay will also give us time to refine some of the new features and enhancements we have in store for Zygor Guide Viewer 8, which we’re really excited about and think you will be as well. Stay tuned for more…

Zygor Elite Subscription Plan and Pricing Changes

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At Zygor Guides, we have always strived to have the highest quality content with the most innovative features to enhance players’ gameplay experience.

Currently, across the base game and its 7 expansions, we now have almost 8000 guides per faction, covering Leveling, Dungeons, Dailies, Gold, Professions, Collectibles, Achievements, and more. So far, we have over 500 guides for Classic.

Throughout the various versions of our Guide Viewer addon, we have introduced dozens of game-changing innovations and features that have come to define what players can expect from in-game guides, including:

  • Talent Advisor
  • Smart Injection System
  • Travel System
  • Gear Finder
  • Quest Reward Advisor
  • Pet/Mount Detector
  • Sticky Steps
  • Find Nearest NPC
  • Notification Center
  • Gear Advisor
  • Points of Interest
  • Guide Tabs
  • Share Mode

Many of these guides and features are only found exclusively in Zygor Guides.

For new patches and expansions, we have consistently had the most guide content available on DAY ONE of each new release. This has always been an important goal for us because we know players want to experience as much of each new expansion as they can immediately upon release.

New Zygor Elite Subscription Changes:

Maintaining guides for a game as enormous and ever-changing as World of Warcraft requires us to invest significant resources into an expanding team of skilled writers and developers. As we continue to add more content and features, we may occasionally adjust our plans and prices accordingly. For this reason, we will soon be simplifying and making the following changes to our subscription plans:

(We will no longer offer a 6 month plan)

These new changes will go into effect on October 18th. If you are already a Zygor Elite subscriber, your subscription price will not change at all as long as your subscription remains active. However, if you cancel your subscription and wish to reactivate at a later date, you will need to sign up at the new rates. For this reason, we encourage everyone to sign up before October 18th if you wish to lock in the current rates.

Shadowlands Launch Plans…

We will be starting to share news about our Shadowlands guides very soon. We are extremely excited to reveal the new features and improvements we’ve been cooking up for Zygor Guide Viewer 8, and once again, we will have the most Shadowlands guides available anywhere on day one!