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In-Game Guides for World of Warcraft

Power level your characters, make thousands of gold, earn achievements, and more...

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What Is Zygor Guides?

Zygor Guides is the #1 best source for premium World of Warcraft guides. Our guides are created by a world class team of guide writers and are fully in-game, alllowing you to use them right on your screen as you play.

Our guides will walk you step by step through everything you need to do, including what NPC's to talk to, what quests to accept, how to complete quests, and more, all in the most optimized way possible, so you're able to accomplish more in less time.

Guide Viewer

Guide Viewer.

With our custom Guide Viewer addon our guides are displayed right on your screen so you can remain completely immersed without ever having to leave the game.

Dynamic Detection

Dynamic Detection.

Our guides can automate and detect your actions, such as auto-accepting quests, tracking goal progression, and automatically skipping to the next step when steps are complete.

3D Waypoint Arrow and Travel System

Built In Navigation System

Our guides include a built in Waypoint Arrow that points you where to go at all times, and a Travel System that can generate the fastest directions to any location in the game on the fly.

Additional Features

The advantage of using an in-game guide goes even further than just the guide viewer, arrow, and optimized questing. Here are just some of our extra features designed to streamline your gameplay:

Smart Injection System

Want to use the guides on your existing characters? No problem. The Smart Injection System is able to tap into your quest history and automatically skip any steps you’ve already done to help you find the best place to start.

Guide Tabs

Want to work on several guides at once? Our Guide Tabs feature allows you to have several guides opened at the same time and switch between them freely for easy multi-tasking.

Quest Reward Advisor

For quests that give you the choice of several rewards, our Quest Reward Advisor will automatically highlight the best item for your character, saving you precious time you’d otherwise spend reviewing each item.

Gear Suggestions

Anytime a better item is added to your inventory our guide will notify you that an upgrade is available, allowing you to quickly compare it with your current gear and equip it so you’re always using the best weapons and armor.

Talent Build Advisor

Everytime you get new Talent Points to spend our Talent Build Advisor will offer recommendations on the best talents to spend them on. This is especially essential in WoW Classic where the Talent system is more robust and choosing the wrong talents and drastically reduce your effectiveness.

Share Mode

Easily use the guides together in a group with Share Mode, which will keep 2 or more Zygor users in sync with each one another, displaying each others progression.

Find Nearest

Quickly find vendors, repairmen, trainers, auction houses, mailboxes, and more in a snap with our Find Nearest feature, which will automatically point the Waypoint Arrow to the nearest NPC you wish to speak with.

Auto Sell Greys

Keep your bags clear for important items with our Auto-Sell Greys feature which will automatically sell any gray items to a vendor for you with one button click. This is vital in WoW Classic where inventory space is critically needed.

The Zygor Difference

  • Immediately know the exact way to level up, skill up, unlock things, obtain collectibles, raise reputation, and earn achievements without any research.
  • Instantly generate the fastest directions to any location you want to go to in the game.
  • Discover exactly what quests to avoid that are a waste of time due to low XP or poor rewards.
  • Have the best Quest Rewards automatically highlighted for you so you don't have to waste time figuring out which one to pick.
  • Be instantly notified of any gear or weapon upgrades and equip them with a single click so you’re always playing at your strongest.
  • Have guides available on Day One for every patch and expansion before most players have even had a chance to experience the new content.

100% Safe To Use. Will Not Get You Banned.

Zygor Guides is 100% safe to use and will NOT get you banned. We make sure to follow all of Blizzard's Policies and do not add any features they do not allow. We have been providing the community with guides since 2007 and no one has EVER been banned for using our guides.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what Blizzard has to say about us:

What Guides Are Available?

Leveling & Loremaster

(Retail and Classic)

Experience our famous leveling guides which take you on the fastest route for reaching max level and earning the Loremaster achievement.

Learn more

Dungeons & Gear

(Retail only)

Get guided through dungeons and raids with quest walkthroughs and strategies for taking down all the bosses, and use our Gear Finder to easily find which bosses drop the best upgrades for your characters.

Learn more

Dailies & Reputation

(Retail only)

Master the end game with guides for Dailies and World Quests. Includes our World Quest Planner extension which allows you to plan out and create your own custom world quest guides to get the exact rewards you seek.

Learn more

Gold & Professions

(Retail only)

Learn the fastest and most cost effective way to skill up your professions. Our Gold Making extension reveals the best items to farm and sell for every realm you play on.

Learn more

Pets & Mounts

(Retail only)

Obtain the most sought after pets, mounts, and other collectibles.

Learn more

Titles & Achievements

(Retail only)

Earn coveted titles and achievements and become the envy of all your fellow gamers.

Learn more

What About Updates?

Our team works round the clock to keep all of our guides up to date with the latest version of the game, including all patches and expansions.

When new content is being developed we begin writing our guides on the PTR or in Beta so we have things covered for our community on Day One right when new content is released!

How Do I Gain Access?

All of our guides are available through our Zygor Guides membership service.

With a free Basic account you can access our fully featured Guide Viewer addon and enjoy free samples of our different guide types, including the full version of our Event guides.

However, if you want the full Zygor experience you will need to upgrade to Zygor Elite, our premium membership, which will unlock the full version of every guide we make.