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Dailies & Reputation guide
World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King Classic
Dailies and Reputation Guides
Platform: PC/Mac
Dailies & Reputation guide

The WotLK Dailies and Reputation guide is intended for players who have reached level 80 and want to be guided through expansions end game content, such as the repeatable daily quests, earning reputation with various factions, and progressing through the extensive Argent Tournament to unlock rare items and rewards.

Get The Most Out Of The Northrend End Game

Wrath of the Lich King Classic was the first expansion to add extensive end-game content in the form of Northrend Dailies. These include dailies for professions, specific zones, and various factions. Our guides will show you how to unlock these daily quests and complete them in the most optimized way.

Dalaran Profession Dailies

Our guides cover the new profession dailies for Jewelcrafting, Fishing, and Cooking. These will guide you through acquiring special currency for your profession to buy more designs, baits, and recipes.

Northrend Dailies

We will walk you through the Dailies found in every zone, including Grizzly Hills, The Storm Peaks and Icecrown.

Northrend Faction Reputations

Raise your reputation with our guides for all the factions, including The Frenzyheart Tribe and Oracles.Our guides will walk you through achieving the exalted reputation with each Northrend faction.

Master the Argent Tournament

WotLK introduces a new large-scale World Event known as the Argent Tournament. This event allows you to access some of the best rewards and items in the entire expansion.

Rare and Powerful Items

Our guides will help you progress through the tournament so you can unlock rare and unique items only sold through the Argent Tournament vendors after you've advanced through the event.

Unlock Exclusive Achievements

There are numerous achievements that you will naturally earn as you progress through our Argent Tournament guides.

The Crusader Title

For many, the biggest appeal of the Argent Tournament is the various titles you can earn which display next to your characters name for all to see. Our guide will walk you through unlocking all of these titles including the highly coveted Crusader title.