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Leveling guide
World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King Classic
Gold and Professions Guides
Platform: PC/Mac
Leveling guide

Making gold in Classic WoW can be much more difficult and slow, especially compared to retail, and there are far more expenses in having to buy spells, mounts, ect. Zygor's Gold and Professions guide will show you the fastest most efficient way to skill up your professions and then will reveal the best items to farm, craft, and sell (unique to your server) to make tons of gold.

Updated Professions Guides

In WotLK you can now level beyond the previous skill cap of 375 to the new Master level skill cap of 450. There is also a new profession called Inscription that we've added a full skill up guide for. Our guides for gathering professions include efficient farming routes for skilling up and gathering ingredient resources. For crafting professions, we reveal which recipes to train and use to skill up your professions that are the fastest and most resource efficient.

Farming Guides

Farming Guides

Discover the best location to farm any item complete with ant trail routes on your map and a 3D Waypoint Arrow that directs you on the most optimized path for farming items.

Resource Efficient Skill Ups

Resource Efficient Skill Ups

For crafting professions, learn the exact best recipes to learn and create to level your professions to max skill.

Options To Farm or Buy

Options To Farm or Buy

When you're required to collect ingredients for items to craft and skill up on our guides give you the option of farming those items yourself or buying them from the Auction House. If you choose to farm you can use our dedicated farming guides to quickly find and collect the materials you need.

Updated Gold Guides

Our gold guides have been expanded to now include all the new items that can be gathered, crafted, and resold in WotLK Classic. You can use our auction house scan tool to generate trend data to get results dynamically adapted to your servers marketplace which will reveal the best selling items for you to farm, craft, or sell.

Ways To Make Gold


Want to start making gold but don't have a profession? Use the Farming section to find the most valuable items dropped by enemies and monsters like cloth, gems. Our farming guides will show you the best locations to find the mobs that drop the items you need with the fastest respawn rates.


Like our Farming section, the Gathering section tells you which herbs, ore, and skins are the most in-demand on your server will quick access to individual guides for obtaining those items using the best locations and farming routes in the game.


Our Crafting section looks at the items you can create with your chosen crafting professions and shows you what items that you can create will net you the most profit, factoring in materials costs as well!


The Auctions sections scours the marketplace and looks for high value items selling for below value prices, allowing you to quickly swoop in, buy them up, and relist them for a huge return!