Battle For Azeroth Guides And The State Of Beta

by (8 weeks ago).

Hey everyone! The beta for Battle for Azeroth is now underway and we’ve begun work updating the Zygor Guide Viewer addon and writing all new guides for the new content. While our goal is to have as much content ready for launch as possible we wanted to give you guys an update on the state of beta in relation to our work.

Right now the beta is in a rather rough state with many quest lines broken and preventing further progress. Normally this wouldn’t be too alarming if Blizzard was keeping to their usual five month beta period, but given the announced release window we’re looking at a shortened three month period. Since we’re not in communication with the folks over at Blizzard we have no idea how things are looking down the pipeline. It’s possible that in one of the upcoming patches they could fix a lot of things and it’ll be smooth sailing again. It’s also possible, although less likely, that they’ll delay the release of the game to allow for more testing.

Since we don’t know what the future holds we want to give everyone a heads up that if things don’t improve we may be limited as to what content we’ll be able to have ready at launch. Our hope and primary focus is to have the Leveling and end game questing content ready at the very least, but other guides may have to be written post release. We’ll keep everyone informed as this situation develops.

Zygor’s Elder Scrolls Online Guides Now Free To Use!

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As announced a couple weeks ago, our full Elder Scrolls Online Guides are now available to download for free without need of a Zygor Elite account. With this change we’re rolling out a number of changes and improvements to the website:

  • Much of the site has been updated to a responsive web design, which means it will automatically optimize the display and function of the site based on the device you’re using. This should provide a vastly improved experience when using the site on a mobile device.
  • We’re doing away with our former Free Trial accounts and introducing a new Zygor Basic account type. This is a free account option that allows users to experience all of our free content, services, and community features. All former Free Trial accounts have now been rolled over into the new Basic type.

To access the free ESO guides, head over to the Join page to sign up for a free Zygor Basic account. If you already have a Zygor account simply use the Zygor Guides Client to download the guides.

Zygor Guides Elder Scrolls Online Guides Going Free-To-Use!

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With this weeks announcement of the Summerset expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online we’re sure many of you are wondering what this means for the future of our ESO guides. Although we’d love to continue supporting these guides indefinitely, the truth is there just isn’t enough interest in them where that’s feasible. In fact, the Elder Scrolls guides only makes up around 1% of our total Elite subscribers in comparison to World of Warcraft.

However, we’re not thrilled about the idea of ending support for these guides so we’ve decided to try another approach. We’re going to make the guides “free-to-use”. This means that Zygor’s Elder Scrolls Online Guides will be free to download for all Zygor users regardless of whether or not you have a Zygor Elite subscription. However, they will not be updated beyond the current state, other than for compatibility issues.

We’re hoping this change will bring more awareness to the Zygor brand and services as a whole, and if it does, we may consider maintaining the guides further. Otherwise, they will be kept available until the time comes that changes to the game render them obsolete, at which point they will likely be removed altogether. Nonetheless, thank you to all who supported our ESO guides over the recent years. We appreciate it.

We’ll be introducing the new “Basic” account type within the next week or so which will allow players to sign up for a free account and gain access to the full ESO guides and all our free guides for WoW. Stay tuned.