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Complete Zygor Guide Roadmap For Every Expansion

by (10 days ago).

With so many expansions now added to the base World of Warcraft game we have had members of the community wondering what are the most important things they should make sure to go back and do in each expansion. We only started creating Roadmaps for the expansions starting with Legion so we’ve gone back and compiled this expanded roadmap that details everything you might not want to miss in each expansion.

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Zygor’s Gold and Profession Guides Coming Soon For WoW Classic!

by (2 weeks ago).

When we launched Zygor’s Classic Leveling guides we stated that we we’re waiting to see what the reception to Classic was like before committing to adding more guides. We’re pleased to announce that we will soon begin development on our first addition to the family of Classic products, which will be Zygor’s Gold and Professions Guide.

We’re not sure yet how much functionality from the Retail Gold Guide can be ported to Classic, but we expect some version of the Auction Tools and Mail Tools to work. The primary difference will likely be when it comes to gold data, as Retail relies on Blizzards own auction house API to provide trend data and this is not currently offered by them for WoW Classic. As a result, we’ll likely have to fall back on our older system in which users had to scan the Auction House manually to collect this data.

We don’t anticipate that there will be any issues as far as the Profession guides themselves go. These guides will be included as part of the Zygor Elite subscription when released.

Stay tuned to this blog for more information as things progress.

Zygor’s Patch 8.2.5 Guide Update Now Available!

by (3 weeks ago).

A new guide update (Version 7.0.21009) is now available that adds in all of the new content for Patch 8.2.5. Here is an overview of all the new content:

[B] Removed War Campaign reputation requirements

Battle Pets:
[B] Added Rikki

[A] Added Stormpike Battle Ram
[A] Added Honeyback Harvester
[A] Added Alabaster Stormtalon
[H] Added Frostwolf Snarler
[H] Added Alabaster Thunderwing
[B] Added Explorer’s Dunetrekker
[B] Added Explorer’s Jungle Hopper

[B] Added Renowned Explorer

[A] Added Collected Tidebloom Honey weekly guide

[A] Added Honeyback Hive
[A] Added Honeyback Harvester

Efficiency Update Now Available for Alliance Classic Guide

by (4 weeks ago).

The Alliance version of the Efficiency Update is now available for Zygor’s World of Warcraft: Classic guides. This restores the Alliance guide back to the extremely popular and well received version of the guides used during the Vanilla days of WoW.

The biggest difference between our Day One release is that the Efficiency Update is focused on taking the most efficient route to power level your characters, and will no longer have you travel long distances to other zones in order to replace grind spots with more quests, or do extra quests in the low levels to get you much higher for later sections, both things intended to make the guides more casual friendly but which ended up making them feel less optimized.

We’re confident the new guides will feel much better now and will actually require less grinding at times as you’ll now be instructed to kill more yellow enemies than greens.

The Efficiency Update is now available in Version 1.0.20932. The Horde Version already received the update last week.

What about the option to use both versions of the guides?

The Efficiency Update is objectively better and actually requires LESS grinding. The Day One release is a slower, less optimal guide experience and continuing with it would require us to maintain two versions of the guides and deal with double the customer support issues, all of which are resolved in the Efficiency Update. It was more immediately crucial that we get these guides updated to address the concerns, but we will add in some alternative zone guides for people who prefer this as an option in a future update.

2019 Harvest Festival Event Guides Now Available

by (5 weeks ago).

A new update is available that adds updated Harvest Festival Event Guides to both the Retail and Classic versions of our guides.

This update is available to all Zygor Elite members or customers who purchased the standalone version of the Dailies & Events guide. The Classic version is available as part of our free trial.

How To Update Your Guides:
Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides: