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Affiliate Guide and Resources

Why Promote Zygor Guides?

For over 11 years Zygor Guides has been the best selling guides for World of Warcraft. It was no easy feat. When we first emerged there were already two big names running the market, Brian Kopp and Joana. Through our creative innovation and hard work, we transformed the guide industry with the worlds first ever in-game leveling guide.

Now, as the worldwide industry leader in World of Warcraft guides, we have the tools and resources to continue innovating and dominating the market and reach out to over the 5.5 million players who play WoW. For gamers, "Zygor" is not just another generic vendor on the scene trying to take their money, but an established brand name that they have come to trust and depend on.

Zygor Guides has always taken a different approach than everyone else on the market. We have discovered that creating top quality products backed with outstanding customer support makes more money than rushing poorly made products to release and ignorning the special needs of customers.

Isn't it time you joined forces with the biggest name in World of Warcraft Strategy Guides?

#1 World of Warcraft Guides For Over 11 Years Straight!

Zygor Guides has been the #1 best selling World of Warcraft guide for over 8 years straight.


Slick Presentation Converts Better And Makes You More Money


When customers have to decide between multiple guide vendors, presentation is everything. A cleaner, slicker, more user friendly design helps them find the info they need and easily go about making their purchases without any hurdles in slowing them down. If one products website and product design looks substantially more professional and aesthetically appealing, the statistics show they prefer the brand that is more visual appealing.


Reknowned Customer Support = A Refund Rate Lower Than 1%

Thanks to our outstanding customer service and support we not only make sales, but we keep them with a refund rate that is less than 1% of our total sales. Any customers you send our way can have peace of mind knowing they be in good hands. If they need any assistance the response they will receive will be prompt and courteous.

customer service

We have done a tremendous amount of research and used customer feedback to setup our entire business structure in a way that takes the customer from discovery, to purchase, to using our guides in the easiest most user friendly manner possible. You will noticed the entire process of buying one of our products takes you through a fun, attractive website that is highly informative.

We are also the only guide company on the market that offers Remote Support (which allows us to install the guides for customers) and Live Chat.