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Affiliate Guide and Resources

How To Get Started

We sell our guides as part of a subscription based service called "Zygor Elite" which grants players access to our entire suite of guides for one low monthly fee. This is the most sustainable business strategy for guides for World of Warcraft because the game is ever changing and evolving and thus the guides must be updated continuously all year round.

This model allows customers to access all the content they need with a lower barrier of entry (instead of paying hundreds for all the guides), and they can pay as they play, similiar to World of Warcraft's subscription.

This model better matches the month by month maintenance costs required to keep the guides updated with the latest changes to the game.

And most importantly, this model is better for you as an affiliates because it's easier to make conversions when the cost is so little and once someone signs up with your link you can continue earning revenue from repeatedly every time they are rebilled.

Our Elite Service costs $7.99 for new customers and $4.99 for customers who joined before December 10th, 2015 and haven't already used the Loyalty Discount. We offer 50% commission for the initial signup and every rebill.

How To Get Started

Our affiliate sales are all handled through the popular affiliate network Share A Sale. Share A Sale will provide you with a unique affiliate link that when clicked will store a cookie on the users computer with your affiliate information. If the user buys anything from us within 60 days you will receive commision for the sale. In the case of monthly subscriptions, you'll receive additional commission on a monthly basis each time a customer is rebilled.

Below you will find instructions for getting started:

Signing Up With Share A Sale

  1. Create a new account with Share A Sale. (It may take a day or two to get approved).
  2. Once your have a Share A Sale account, visit our official merchant page and click the link to "Join Program".
  3. Affiliates are reviewed by the Zygor Team periodically throughout the month.You can speed up this process by emailing us directly at jv [at] zygorguides.com to let us know you'd like to be approved more quickly.
  4. Once you've been approved You can create your affiliate sales link to start making sales today by doing the following:

    From the Share A Sale navigation bar choose Links and then Get A Link/Banner.

    On the links page select Get Links next to Zygor Guides.

    Click Get HTML Code to generate your code.

    You can use our custom URL generator to change the page people are sent to and shorten your links.

    Now, send traffic our way and start watching the sales pour in!