Zygor’s Dracthyr Starter Guide Pre-Patch Update Now Available

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The second Dragonflight pre-patch update is now available (Version 8.1.27994) which adds in the following content:

  • Dracthyr Starter Area Guide
  • Dracthyr Evoker Talent Build
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dungeon Guide

Our official week long launch for Zygor’s Dragonflight guides will begin next Monday (November 21st). Be sure to visit the site for the reveal of the full guide content and features.

General Notice For “Addon Is Blocked” Errors

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With the release of the Dragonflight pre-patch which introduced a redesigned UI to the game you may have started to see an error message while using Zygor Guides saying the addon has been blocked and that you should disable it. This is actually an issue on Blizzard’s end with the game itself, not with our addon, known as code taint, that spreads to other components. We believe the new UI editor itself is the primary culprit for spreading this taint.

If you receive this error, you do not need to disable Zygor Guides. Simply choose “ignore” and then reload the game interface (you can do so by typing /reload into the chat and pressing Enter). This should clear the taint for the time being and let you continue using the guide. If it shows up again simply repeat these actions.

We hope Blizzard will resolve this in a future update, but we’re monitoring the issue and trying to find workarounds for the time being.

Zygor’s Dragonflight Pre-Patch Update Now Available!

by (5 weeks ago).

A new update is now available for US users that adds in support for the Dragonflight pre-patch and the new talent system that it introduces. EU users will receive the update tomorrow. The Guide Viewer has been made compatible with this new version of the game and the Talent Advisor has been rebuilt to support this new Talent System and all new builds have been added for all classes and specs.

Version: 27804 has been updated with new talent builds for all classes.

Zygor’s Dragonflight Guide Release Plans

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As we’re a little over a month away from the official release of World of Warcraft’s ninth expansion, Dragonflight, we wanted to share what our plans are as far as guide updates go.

  • The first update will be next Monday (EDIT: Updated to Tuesday to coincide with new Talent System), in time for the Pre-Patch which is coming October 25th. This update will add compatibility with the pre-patch and the new talent system.
  • The second update will be around but before November 15th when the Dracthyr race will become playable. This will add in the new Dracthyr Starter Guide for the new zone of The Forbidden Reach.
  • The third update (and final) will be around but before November 28th, the official launch day for the Dragonflight expansion. This will add in the full suite of guide updates for Dragonflight as well as the next major version of the Zygor Guide Viewer. This will be preceded with a proper launch week where we will be sharing more details on all the new guides and features in the lead up to the release.

We hope this gives you an idea of what to look forward to in the coming month or so from Zygor. Stay tuned to this blog for more information.

New Skip Vendor Steps Option Added To Classic Guides

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Based on customer feedback, we started adding in steps letting players know when to visit vendors to sell and repair items in the Classic version of the guides. This is because in Classic you have less bag space (especially in the early levels) and having your items break can seriously affect your ability to fight monsters, often requiring a long trek back to town to repair.

However, some more experienced players may prefer not to see these and choose when to visit vendors themselves. For this reason we’ve added an option to skip over these steps if this is your preference. You can find this option in the settings under Step Display – “Skip vendor steps” (as shown below):

This will make the guides automatically skip over these steps when this option is enabled.