Zygor Shadowlands Guides General Release Info and Known Issues

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The Shadowlands expansion has officially launched and there’s no better way to enjoy it than with Zygor’s Shadowlands Guides!

Our all new update includes day one content for Leveling, Dungeons, Dailies, Professions and more…as well as the latest version of our addon, Zygor Guide Viewer 8, which includes a sleek new theme, numerous quality of life improvements, and a featured roadmap section to allow you to easily find the new guides and plan out your journey into the Shadowlands.

This will post will serve as our central hub for all things post-launch:

How To Get Zygor’s Shadowlands Guides?

All you need is a Zygor Elite subscription to gain access to our full suite of guides updated for Shadowlands. You can sign up here.

Where To Get Help:

You can get help via live chat, email, discord, or on our official community forums.

Also see our Zygor Guides product manual.

Known Issues

Will be posted here 🙂

Zygor’s Shadowlands Guides and Guide Viewer 8 Now Available!

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Zygor’s Shadowlands Guides and Guide Viewer 8 are now rolling out to all Zygor Elite customers. Check out our newly updated home page for a more in-depth look, but here’s a quick rundown on the main highlights of this release:

Guide Content

  • 1-10 Exiles Reach Guide
  • 50-60 Shadowlands Guides
  • Covenant Questline Guides
  • 8 Shadowlands Dungeon Guides
  • Shadowlands World Quests and Dailies Guides
  • Shadowlands Professions Guides

Guide Viewer 8

  • New “Starlight” Skin
  • Featured Section
  • Favorites Feature
  • Full Search By Quest Name
  • Guide Feedback Button

All you need to gain access to all of this content is a Zygor Elite subscription. Note that the new Shadowlands Guides won’t work properly until next week when the new content is added to the retail servers, but by downloading them now you’ll have them ready to go and won’t have to worry about any delays on launch day. All of the new Zygor Guide Viewer 8 features can be used now, however, Guide Feedback will require a client update coming later to upload reports (you can still save them now for upload later though).

In addition to all of this, our Official Forums have been updated so if you have any issues with the new guides you can leave a reply there, or contact support via live chat or email.

Zygor’s Shadowlands Guides – New Features

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Zygor Guide Viewer 8 New Features:

  • New “Featured Section” makes it easy to see all new content added in patches and expansions.
  • Showcase View allows you to quickly find the most relevant guides
  • Roadmap View helps you understand new content and the best way to do things.
  • Featured guides get marked as complete to make it clear what you’ve done. Great for completionists!
  • New “Favorite” feature lets you mark guides as favorites and easily pull them up later.
  • New “Guide Feedback” button lets you comment on steps to report issues or suggestions.
  • Upload guide feedback directly to Zygor with the Zygor Client!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Zygor’s Shadowlands Guides and Guide Viewer 8 will be available on November 20th.

Zygor’s Shadowlands Guides – New User Interface

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Zygor Guide Viewer 8 UI:

  • New “Starlight” theme with a more clean, rounded, modern look and improved tab design.
  • Quick menus keep the interface minimal while putting more options in quick reach.
  • Notification Center has been integrated into the Guide Viewer.
  • Hover highlights give added context for what you’re interacting with.
  • New solid line ant trails option.
  • New Waypoint Arrow design and menu. Find Nearest integrated into Waypoint Arrow menu.
  • Options have been streamlined and reorganized to make finding things easier.

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Zygor’s Shadowlands Guides Day One Content

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Day One Content Includes:
1-10 Exiles Reach Starter Guide
50-60 Shadowlands Guides covering the 4 Huge New Zones
Covenant Questline Guides
8 New Dungeon Guides and 1 New Raid Guide
Shadowlands World Quests and Covenant Dailies
Shadowlands Professions Guides

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