Pilgrim’s Bounty 2018 Event Guide Now Available

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The 2018 version of the Pilgrim’s Bounty event is now underway and our guides have been fully updated (Version 7.0.19387) to reflect the new changes to the quests and achievements. Elite Members can download this update at no additional cost using the Zygor Guides Client. Members who own the previous standalone version of the Dailies and Events guide also receive the update.

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How To Update Your Guides:
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Zygor Updates: Gear Finder Mythic+ Support, Mole Machine Locations Guide…

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We just pushed out a new update (Version 7.0.19314) that adds in a number of new changes, fixes, and improvements. Here’s a look at the key additions this week:

Gear Finder Updated With Mythic+ Support

Zygor Guides Gear Finder

Back in October we released an updated version of our Gear Finder built from the ground up which has been well received by the community. One member of the community over on the User Feedback asked if we could expand the feature to include Mythic+ items. We felt this was a great idea and after a bit of work we’re pleased to say were able to do it.

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New Auction Tools Buy Tab Quick Item Search

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We’ve just rolled out a new release that updates the Buy Tab of the Gold Guide Auction Tools with a new Quick Search feature for adding common items. Before, when searching for items, some items took a while to find and would not show up in the list to add until the search was completed. With today’s update, many commonly searched for items will show up instantly, allowing you to add them much faster without waiting for the full search to finish.

The full search will continue to run if your item isn’t found right away, so additionally, we’ve added a way to abort the searches midway through if you need to. Be sure to let us know what you think of this update in the comments below.

This update also includes a number of new content additions and improvements from the past week which can be viewed in full here: http://zygorguides.com/archive/

Zygor Item Tooltips Enhanced With Azerite Traits!

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With today’s update (Version 7.0.19232) we’ve enhanced the Zygor Item Tooltips to show all the Azerite Traits of an item in the tooltip. All tiers will be shown and any traits you have active will be shown in orange whereas inactive traits will be shown in gray.

These are enabled by default but you can control this feature under the Gear Advisor options:

Other key updates from this past week:

Travel System – Additional optimizations made to improve performance for users experiencing FPS issues in some areas.

Ant Trails – Fixed an issue where disabling ant trails didn’t remove them from mini-map.

Events – Additional Hallow’s End achievement guides added.

You can find the full list of changes here: http://zygorguides.com/archive/