This Week In Zygor – More Content, Featured Section, and Discord

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Additional Patch 10.1.5 Updates

Our team is wrapping up polishing and adding in any remaining content for patch 10.1.5., such as the missing scenario stages and additional quests for Little Scales Daycare.

Featured Section

The Featured Section has been updated so that all of this content is easily accessible. In addition, as evidenced by the screenshot above, several new pet guides have been introduced.

Migration from Forum to Discord

Also this week, we revamped our Discord Community Server and continue to add new features. Additionally, we are in the process of transitioning from our forums to Discord permanently. Therefore, we recommend that all our forum users move over to our Discord by August 1st.

Our New Discord Adventure – Strengthening the Zygor Community!

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Greetings, adventurers!

We’re thrilled to let you all know about some exciting news. Zygor has started the process of fostering stronger community ties by restructuring our Discord server, but there is still much more in store! Our aim is to make Discord a central hub for all Zygor Guides enthusiasts, fostering a thriving community and providing an even more immersive experience.

We will diligently carry out our plans as we move forward and make ongoing enhancements to your Discord experience. We have added more channels for Retail, Classic, and WOTLK Classic players, as well as community channels to share your screenshots, and achievements, among others.

We believe Discord is a vital resource for fostering community engagement and camaraderie. It serves as a forum for discussion, the asking of questions, and the development of deep relationships with other explorers.

Whether you are new to Discord or have some experience using it, we invite you to join us. Those already on Discord, let’s make the server even livelier with your active participation. And if you haven’t joined yet, this is the perfect opportunity to be part of the Zygor community and stay updated with the latest updates and discussions.

Forum Transition

In the upcoming weeks, we will be moving away from our forums and transitioning over to Discord due to its popularity and the ability to more quickly respond to users and provide better support. Due to this, we suggest our forum users move over to the new Discord by August 1st. With this, we hope to provide you with a simpler and more practical experience in one place.

How to Join the Zygor Guides Discord

Joining our Discord server is easy! Simply follow the link below to become a part of the Zygor community:

Together, We Forge Stronger Bonds

At Zygor, we place the utmost value on our community, and your involvement means the world to us. Discord brings us all together and allows us to communicate, participate in discussions, and have fun.

We eagerly anticipate your presence, interaction with other adventurers, and participation in the special camaraderie that makes Zygor so special as we set sail on this new Discord adventure and carry out our plans.

Let’s embark on this journey together, as we make Discord an integral part of our Zygor community!

See you on Discord!

What’s New in Zygor – Patch 10.1.5 Fractures in Time Update

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Our Patch 10.1.5 update is now rolling out to all Zygor Elite members in the US (EU update coming tomorrow). You can download the update via the Zygor Guides client.

Here’s an overview of what was added in this update:

Some Wicked Things (Warlock Questline)


Time Rifts *
Eon’s Fringe Dailies *
Little Scales Daycare *
Little Scales Daycare Dailies *

Dawn of the Infinite Intro Questline
Dawn of the Infinite

Mote of Nasz’uro

* Work in progress

Zygor’s Journey Through The Fractures in Time

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Greetings, fellow Azeroth adventurers!

We at Zygor are thrilled to embark on an exciting journey with you through time and space as World of Warcraft releases its upcoming Patch 10.1.5, “Fractures in Time”! As we get ready to experience mind-bending twists and turns, delve into new megadungeons, explore captivating world events, class changes, and more, the Zygor Content Team wants to share our excitement with you about The Dawn of the Infinite and Time Rifts!

The Dawn of the Infinite

Unleashing the Dawn of the Infinite, a mesmerizing megadungeon located in the Temporal Conflux of Thaldraszus! This sprawling labyrinth takes you on a remarkable adventure filled with eight awe-inspiring bosses, each one more formidable than the last. Prepare to face Chronikar, the zealous commander of the infinite dragonflight, as she stops at nothing to put an end to those who dare oppose her order. Brace yourself against the power of Manifested Timeways, the ancient guardian of time who refuses to fail a second time. And beware the primal dragons of the Blight of Galakrond—Ahnzon, Dazhak, and Loszkeleth—who see you as nothing more than a tantalizing meal.

But the challenges don’t end there! Iridikron the Stonescaled, infused with elemental earth magic, seeks to topple the Aspects and rid the world of the titan’s influence. And the most shocking twist of all? The loyal Titan-Keeper Tyr, once an ally to the heroes of Azeroth, has joined forces with the infinite dragonflight. Their legendary loyalty now turned against us, we have no choice but to stand and fight. Can we overcome these trials and prevent the infinite dragonflight from ushering in a new dawn that spells doom for Azeroth?

Time Rifts

Get ready to be transported to a whole new level of adventure with the introduction of Time Rifts, a thrilling and dynamic world event in Patch 10.1.5! As the fabric of time begins to unravel, mysterious rifts emerge, offering unparalleled opportunities and challenges for the brave heroes of Azeroth. Brace yourselves, for the unknown awaits!

At Zygor Guides, we’re eagerly following the development of Time Rifts and are excited to provide you with expert guidance every step of the way. Our dedicated team is working tirelessly to uncover the intricacies of these temporal anomalies and prepare comprehensive guides that will empower you to navigate the event with confidence.

This is just a sample of what’s to come as our Content Team is also preparing guides for the Eon’s Fringe Questline and Dailies, the brand new Warlock Questline, updates to the Talent Advisor for all specs, including the new Augmentation spec for Evokers, and much more.

Together, we’ll conquer the temporal challenges and emerge triumphant, rewriting the annals of Azeroth’s history!

Zygor Welcomes Its New Community Manager!

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We are excited to introduce a new team member here at Zygor who will help usher our community into a new and exciting era. Please welcome our new Community Manager, Jason “Opie” Babo.

Opie has extensive experience in the gaming scene, working previously at companies such as Twitch and even Blizzard Entertainment on World of Warcraft. His passion for building lasting, engaging communities will benefit our community here at Zygor.

As our new Community Manager, Opie will spearhead community-improvement initiatives. In the coming weeks, he will focus on growing our community as well as revamping our Discord server to encourage discussion and camaraderie.

Opie’s Zygor contributions excite us. His expertise, passion, and dedication to building strong, vibrant communities will help us grow and improve our services. We’re excited to see how he grows our community.

Please help us welcome Opie to Zygor and feel free to reach out to him on our Discord server!

Fun facts: Opie is the owner of and also the face of the Twitch global emote “OpieOP”.