Ready for Hardcore Self-Found Mode? Here’s what Zygor Has Planned

by (6 weeks ago).

WoW Classic’s Hardcore Self-Found Mode is going live today, and we at Zygor are currently working on an update to our Hardcore Classic guides to cater to this new mode. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Hardcore Self-Found Mode: A test of solo skill with no trading, mailing, or Auction House.
  • Permanent Choice: Disabling the mode is irreversible—choose wisely at Apprentice Watchers.
  • Zygor’s Planned Updates: Our team is working on an update that will automatically detect when you have Self-Found Mode activated and adapt the guides accordingly, ensuring you have the best solo experience, allowing you to confidently navigate gathering, crafting, and leveling without any assistance.

We expect to make the automatic detection update available in the coming days. As always, these updates will be seamlessly available through the Zygor Client.

Trust Zygor to be your guide to forge your path and survive Azeroth alone!

Stay tuned for more news!

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