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    Wink Rift Guide

    Hello, Zygor.

    I'm not aware of any posts related to this, I don't know if you are already working on it, and I'm really unsure if you'll ever see this post, but I highly suggest making guides for Rift.

    As you may or may not know, Rift is neck and neck with WoW, and I think you'd make a pretty smart decision in creating guides for it. I'm playing both right now, and could most definately use your guides on Rift. I'm just saying it could help out everyone with the top two MMO's on the market.

    I urge you to consider it

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    Yes, this has been suggested already. The last we know from Zygor is that he is unsure if he will create a guide for Rift or not. I know that right now he's busy working on WoW guides that the community have asked for, so I'm not sure if he's got the time to learn the fast leveling paths in Rift for creating a guide.
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    As cabby mentioned, there is always the possibility of doing this, we cannot promise it will be done anytime soon.
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    I was sure someone suggested this a long time ago. I know the original guides for WoW took years (as far as I know) to create. I just wanted to let ya'll know. Thanks for replying in the least.

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    Rift isn't running neck and neck with WoW btw. In fact, they don't have near as much as WoW. Content wise, not even close. Hell, Rift hasn't even caught up with Guild Wars as far as that goes lol. I'm not knocking the game as I tend to play it from time to time. Just felt I needed to point out some differences.

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