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    On the bright side you can easily raise up the Black Prince rep without needing a specific guide for it. I went and visited him in the Veiled Stair at the Tavern in the Mists and did his first two quests (Stranger in a Strange Land and A Legend in the Making) on my own. They were simple quests that didn't really require me to do anything out of the normal. Then just run your normal Operation: Shieldwall/Dominance Offensive, Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, August Celestials, Kirin Tor/Sunreaver Onslaught, and Klaxxi reputation dailies and you'll keep earning Black Prince rep. Of course you could go a little faster doing the quests but not much faster.
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    Thinking about ordering the Zygor reputation guide, but I had a question... it seems like there could be some overlap between the reputation guide and the dailies guide. Isn't a great deal of the reputation gain done specifically via daily quests?

    I want to make sure those reputation dailies are included in the reputation guide before I buy.

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    Yes, the dailies that are done for raising rep are included in the Reputation guides.
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