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    Issues around Zygor's Titles/Acheivments Guides-Page1

    I am posting annotated images, each of which refers to either questions I have or ambiguous Zygor information in the Zygor steps. They are in no special order, but they all relate to Zygor's Titles and Achievement guide(s), especially related to the "Salty" Title for Fishing. See both Page 1 and Page 2, since Zygor allows only 5 images per-post.


    Salty-Step 40-Does not make sense.jpg

    Outland Angler-Step 5-wording suggestions.jpg

    Salty-Step 28-Zygor info is confusing.jpg

    Salty-Step 13-No Pools to fish in.jpg

    End of Page 1, See Page 2

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    Pic 1: The fishing pole and shiny baubles are just to make sure you have fishing equipment. They are not necessary for the remaining steps but can help to increase chances slightly.

    Pic 2: Can you turn on the find fish ability and see the dots on your mini map? And those special schools share spawn spots with the other schools around the lake so you have to search the whole lake and sometimes if none are up you'll have to fish out the other schools to make room for the floatsam to spawn.

    Pic 3: Noted and added to the list to get fixed.

    Pic 4: Since it is a step to accept dailies and they are all green that means come back tomorrow when you can accept a daily again.

    Pic 5: Try checking along the coast in Feralas near Feathermoon Stronghold. Keep in mind that the waterlogged wreckage can be a rare spawn school so it could take a lot longer than 45 minutes to find one.
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